Thai agency will help build American EV charging stations

The government-run Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) will partner with Florida-based e-mobility firm Evlomo to build electric vehicle charging stations and energy storage solutions in the U.S.

The deal follows Evlomo’s success in forging partnerships with other Thai companies to build charging stations and electric battery-swapping systems for motorcyclist in the Kingdom.

Thailand is all aboard on the EV bandwagon. The Kingdom’s automotive sector, which earned it the name “The Detroit of Asia” decades ago, has been transforming and evolving to become a significant production hub for electric vehicles and related technologies, such as battery research, development and manufacturing.

Ratch Group, a subsidiary of EGAT, is making the joint investment worth about $100 million. It represents Thailand spreading its wings beyond its own borders in the field of new automotive technologies.

“Together we hope to lead the way forward for the adoption of clean energy and EV charging solutions globally,” said Bundit Umpornsrisupap, Senior Executive Vice President and Acting President of EGAT International. He made the comment during the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Evlomo.

Nicole Siyao Wu, Director and Group Chief Executive of Evlomo, said that the two firms would work to enable superfast DC [direct current] charging in areas previously unsuitable for that technology.

“This is an extremely promising project, and EGAT International is the perfect partner for us to explore Evlomo’s capabilities in the EV charging sphere,” Wu added.

She also said that the companies also want to move forward with the adoption of electric mobility technology to achieve greater energy efficiency and cost savings for EV drivers.

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