Royal Thai Embassy’s 2nd Visit to the Embassy Adoption Program’s Partner School

On 27 January 2023, Counsellor Napamas Panyatrong led the Embassy’s cultural affairs section to visit the Embassy Adoption Program (EAP)’s 5th grade classroom of 22 students for the 2nd  time at Brightwood Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

The theme of this visit was to introduce students to one of Thailand’s famous sports, Thai kick-boxing or Muay Thai (in Thai language), which has also become a popular exercise activity in the U.S. The students enthusiastically learned about Muay Thai, especially how the practice was turned from a martial art into a sport enjoyed globally. The Embassy team also explained how gymnasiums in many countries offer Muay Thai exercise classes that are accessible and safe for all ages and gender.

Later, Mr. Kriangsit Bootbumrung, a trained Muay Thai fitness instructor, led everyone in the class to an indoor open space in the cafeteria and taught some beginner moves. Both students and teachers enjoyed practicing basic punches and kicks tirelessly. After the physical activity session, the class returned to the classroom to discuss about Muay Thai before finishing off the visit with some Thai snacks (coconut rolls and jelly cups) and drinks (coconut jelly cubes).

The Embassy will meet the class again in March 2023. The EAP seeks to give D.C. Public School students exposure to cultural and global awareness through direct interactions with foreign embassies in Washington, D.C. Four activities would be mutually planned with the adopted classroom throughout each academic year to provide students with information and hands-on experiences about the partner country.