Ambassador Tanee discussed with 4th-generation Siamese Twin Descendant

On 6 February 2023, Ambassador Tanee Sangrat had a WebEx meeting with Mrs. Tanya Jones, 4th-generation Bunker Descendant, who is the Executive Director of Surrey Art Council and also the key person of the project to expand the current Siamese Twins exhibit room at Andy Griffith museum into the “Siamese Twins Museum” in a nearby newly-built building in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

Mrs. Jones invited the Ambassador to join the Opening Ceremony of the new museum on the Twins’ birthday, 11 May 2023, with city and state executives, especially those involved with the sister cities partnership between Samut Songkhram province and Mount Airy, NC Representative, and an existing network of local Thai communities. Ambassador congratulated on the progress of the museum, accepted the invitation, and mentioned how timely it is to coincide with the 190th Anniversary of Thailand-U.S. Diplomatic Relations this year. In this regard, he would like to extend this opportunity by making an official visit to North Carolina and call on both city and state executives, state representative, senator, Thai firms in the area, agencies that could be beneficial to Thailand, including local Thai communities to discuss ways and means to strengthen Thais and Thai-Americans in North Carolina.