Sony will move camera production to Thailand

Sony will be moving its camera production to Thailand to diversify its manufacturing footprint and add resilience to its supply chains, as the Kingdom reaps another reward for staying open during the pandemic when others shut down.
The Japanese conglomerate will manufacture cameras for the Japanese, European and American markets at a new facility in Thailand.
Many companies responded to shortages and inflation caused global supply chain disruptions when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out by announcing that they would diversify their manufacturing and supply chains when the crisis passed to reduce overreliance on one location for production.
The shift does not reflect any antipathy toward China, the largest manufacturing center in Asia for a wide range of products, but rather a determination by businesses to raise the level of their resilience should future crises occur, as they inevitably will.
Competition has been heating up among countries to attract investment from firms looking to diversify. Thailand and Viet Nam have been two contenders for those investments.
In 2022, Canon, another Japanese corporation, moved some of its camera production back to Japan. Within the fiscal year 2023, Daikin Industries said that it was also planning to diverse their supply chains for its production of air conditioners.