Thai Ambassador to the US visits Austin’s startup community “Capital Factory”

On 23 February 2023, as part of his visit to Texas, Ambassador Tanee Sangrat toured Capital Factory, a startup community in Austin that has become a center of Texas startup ecosystem. Equipped with coworking space, conference rooms, necessary tools and technology, and networks of mentors and investors, Capital Factory serves startups in all stages. Their space provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and customers to meet, pitch, and expand their businesses in a casual setting.

Capital Factory organizes workshops and pitching competitions regularly and has the team that can provide advice about fundraising, marketing, recruiting, sales, and intellectual property.

Ambassador Tanee shared with Capital Factory two lists of Thai startups from Global Innovation Club and Thai Startup Association with funding and scale up potentials.

He was also briefed by the founder of Modgarden, a startup company producing a small organic microgreen farming system that can grow all year round with soil that is high in microbiology, suitable for city residents, and equipped with application that monitors growth and helps with watering and harvesting.

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