Thai women determined to gain entrepreneurial skills

Thai women lead the region in determination to acquire entrepreneurial skills, according to a study from Singapore, with nearly half saying their goal is to open their own businesses, a positive sign for inclusion and the future growth of the Kingdom’s economy.
Most economists and development specialists have said that countries that provide more opportunities for women to get an education and participate in the workforce and business are stronger economically and socially. Others need to tap further into the full talent and potential of their populations.
Thailand is known for having one of the highest percentages of women executives in the world. But in some areas, they are still under-represented. The recent survey looked at non-executive women workers and their goals and desires.
The survey by Singapore-based non-profit She Loves Data found that women workers in Thailand, both among women workers aged 16 to 34, and those 35 and older, are keen to study social media marketing more than any other subject, with more than half voicing that desire.
The second most popular course is marketing and advertising technology, with 58 percent of women 35 and older interested in that field, and 46 percent of female employees aged 16–34 also expressing that interest.
Across Southeast Asia, the survey pointed out that 87 percent of female employees are looking forward to enrolling in professional courses this year, with IT, computing and programming as the top three choices.
Globally, the pandemic’s economic effects hit women employees harder than men, in general, and women have not fully recovered. According to the United Nations, women’s labor force participation in 2022 was projected to remain below pre-pandemic levels in 169 countries and territories at 50.8 percent, compared with 51.8 percent in 2019.