Ambassador Tanee Sangrat meets young Thais of the new generation

On 10 March 2023, Ambassador Tanee Sangrat hosted a reception to get to know, communicate, and connect with young Thais of the new generation. Ambassador Tanee, and officials from the Royal Thai Embassy and Team Thailand, also discussed many aspects of the Embassy’s mission and ways to strengthen the Thai community in the U.S. through various activities.

More than 60 people from different sectors joined the event, including representatives from the Thai associations/groups at national level, namely the Thai-American Bar Association (TABA), the Thai-American Samakkee Coalition, and the Association of Thai Students in United States of America (ATSA), and also government scholarship students and Thai young professionals working in areas such as Chula Global Innovation Club (CGIC), IMF, World bank, U.S. Department of Commerce, restaurant business, financial business, engineering, media, and YouTuber.

Representatives introduced their respective associations/groups’ objectives and missions as follows: 1) CGIC, to promote and support Thai startups to both investors and mentors network, 2) TABA, to unite and support Thai and Thai-American legal professionals in the U.S. 3) Thai-American Samakkee Coalition, to support and promote the interests and communication networks of Thai and Thai-American individuals in the U.S., and 4) ATSA, to serve as an information sharing and networking hub for Thai students in the U.S.

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