Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission Chuliepote consults National Sports Development Fund Manager

On 6 March 2023, Minister/DCM Chuliepote Isarankura Na Ayudhya welcomed Dr. Supranee Guptasa, National Sports Development Fund Manager from the Sports Authority of Thailand, Mrs. Pattaraporn Vorasaph, Advisor of the Fiscal and Financial System from the Comptroller General’s Department, Mr. Prawit Metta, Director of the Fund’s Finance, and Mr. Apichart Cheunsuwan, Counsellor to the Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand. The Embassy’s officers also joined the meeting at the Embassy.

Minister Chuliepote and Dr. Supranee discussed ways to promote Muay Thai around the world, including in the U.S. They also discussed the establishment of Thai boxing standards and curriculum, usage of the curriculum and the training of Thai boxing instructors in the US as well as the promotion of Thai boxing as an official Olympic sport.

Dr. Supranee is pleased to submit the Embassy’s promotional boxing projects to the Fund’s Executive Committee for its consideration, while working with the Muay Thai boxing associations to support the promotion of Muay Thai in the U.S. which includes support for the provision of Muay Thai classes and the upcoming Thai Festival in Washington D.C. in celebration of the 190th Anniversary of Thailand-U.S. Diplomatic Relations. Dr. Supranee also advised the Embassy to reach out to Muay Thai USA, the official agency promoting Thai boxing in the U.S.

Minister Chuliepote also introduced the delegation to Mr. Thanat Yingwitthayakhun or “Master Chon,” the owner of the Little Giant Muay Thai Gym, who has been teaching Thai boxing in Falls Church, Virginia, for the past 7 years. Master Chon is currently planning to expand the space because there has been increasing interest in both exercise and special-technique classes.