Ambassador Tanee gives an opening remark at an online seminar on sustainable investment opportunities in Thailand.

On March 16, 2023, Ambassador Tanee Sangrat gave an opening remark at an online seminar and panel discussion on “Thailand: The Gateway to the APAC: New Sustainable Opportunities”, organized by The New York and Los Angeles offices of the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). The guest speakers at the panel include Mr. Narucha Ruchuphan, Senior Executive Investment Advisor, BOI, Dr. Nayot Kurukitkoson, Executive Committee, Eastern Economic Corridor Human Development Center and Mr. Suk Gu Kim, Vice President, Finance and Pricing APAC, Ingredion.

In his remarks, Ambassador Tanee assured the audiences that Thailand’s economy performs well under unusual global economic circumstances, and would remain strong and solid this year. Thai-U.S. trade and investment has also continued to grow. In addition, he emphasized that the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC would be a great opportunity for U.S. companies to strengthen their supply chains and highlighted Thailand’s rail development plan to link the kingdom with neighboring countries in the region.

Ambassador Tanee encouraged U.S. companies to tap into opportunities under the new BOI’s Five-Year Investment Promotion Strategy (2023-2027) which will build a “new economy” that synergies the strengths of existing and emerging industries. Three key areas specified in the new strategy are: 1) innovation, technology, and creativity, 2) competitiveness and the ability to adapt quickly, and 3) inclusiveness, taking into account environmental and social sustainability.