Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission Chuliepote presided over the Mahachat Jataka Tales Ceremony at Wat Thai, Washington, D.C.

On 19 March 2023, Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission Chuliepote Isarankura Na Ayudhaya presided over the 2023 Mahachat (Jataka Tales Ceremony) at Wat Thai, Washington, D.C., in remembrance of the Buddha’s great virtue of charity in his last reincarnation.

DCM Chuliepote, along with devoted Thai and other Buddhists, made merit together by chanting, meditating, accepting the precepts, offering food to the monastic communities, and also listening to sermons from two admirable monks from Wat Lao Kittisilaram, Connecticut and Wat Vajiradhammapadip, New York.