Bangkok is home to Asia’s best restaurants in 2023

Le Du is delish. With its uniquely contemporary take on Thai food, Le Du restaurant in Bangkok captured first place at the 2023 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards last week as eight other eateries in the Kingdom also made the list with rave reviews.
Thailand reigned supreme at the 2023 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, with nine restaurants from the capital, Bangkok, ranked and only Singapore had as many on the list.
The crown of Asia’s Best Restaurant was awarded to Thai chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn’s modern Thai kitchen Le Du. One of his newer venues, Nusara, which pays tribute to his grandmother’s cooking, was in third place.
Thitid said that having two of his restaurants in the top five was “unreal.” He also said that he makes a point of only using home-grown Thai produce in his recipes.
“I am happy to represent not just Thai cuisine, but also Thai ingredients and growers. I hope everyone in Thailand and elsewhere will see that Thai cuisine is not just street food but one of the top cuisines in Asia and the world,” added chef Ton.
Thai cuisine began making a mark in Western countries in the 1980s and since the 1990s has taken the world by storm. Today, it is among the most popular cuisines globally. As the Kingdom itself became more globalized, Thai chefs began incorporating new influences and innovating to create more modern versions and variations on classic Thai fare.
Classic Thai recipes are also winning awards. Two weeks ago, Thailand’s panang curry was named number one on the TasteAtlas 100 best-rated stews in the world list. Green curry and massaman curry from the Kingdom also made the top ten.
The nine Thai restaurants ranked in the top 50 list were Le Du, Nusara, Gaggan Anand, Sorn, Suhring, Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh, Potong, Raan Jay Fai, and Baan Tepa, all in Bangkok.
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