Ambassador Tanee delivered an opening remarks at a massage training by the Nuad Thai and Spa Association of America.

On 4 April 2023, Ambassador Tanee Sangrat, delivered an opening remarks at the 2-day massage training organized by the Nuad Thai and Spa Association of America at the Royal Thai Embassy, and gave certificates to over 30 participants from Washington, D.C. and its vicinity.

Ambassador Tanee commended the strength of Thai masseuses and business owners that led to the successful establishment of the Association and continuous activities. The Ambassador encouraged all Thai masseuses to be Thailand’s good representatives to help promote the country in many aspects. Ambassador Tanee also took this opportunity to invite all participants to register for the upcoming overseas election in the U.S.

This 2-day training was intensive and enjoyable. Participants gained knowledge and practiced their massage skills in order to give service professionally.

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