Master vs student: Tyson enters Thailand

The owners of CP Group, Thailand’s biggest agro-industrial conglomerate, often say that they learned how to succeed in their core business of chicken production from America’s Tyson Foods. Now Tyson is taking on its disciple by opening stores and building a distribution network to compete in Thailand’s growing market.
In truth, Tyson is still testing the waters in Thailand, and it has little chance of toppling CP Group as the dominant player in the Kingdom and nearby countries. But the market still has growth potential, and Thai consumers are more willing than ever to try imported products, and so there may be a profitable niche for the American brand.
The company’s stores are named Meat Fresh, and it has developed its own brand for the regional market named Kai Pan Sook.
“Tyson Foods is expanding the network of Meat Fresh stores to provide access of high-quality products and raw materials to food service providers and end consumers,” said Tan Sun, President of Tyson Foods Asia-Pacific Ltd.
The Arkansas-based company, which had revenues over $53 billion in 2022, opened its first store in Thailand last August, and opened two more at the end of the following March. All are in Bangkok and its vicinity.
While Tyson is new to competing in the Thai consumer market, it is no stranger to Thailand. The company has made the Kingdom its headquarters in the Asia and Pacific region. “In Thailand we operate a fully integrated poultry processing business supporting our customers in retail channel and food services across 25 countries,” the company said.
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