America’s Salesforce sees Thailand as high-growth market

Thailand’s digital transformation is an opportunity for tech companies, according to an executive with American tech firm Salesforce, which said that it will continue to expand its business in the Kingdom.

“Thailand represents a high-growth market from accelerating its digital transformation,” quoted Amit Suxena, Vice-President at Salesforce for Southeast Asia.

Salesforce, founded by tech and software innovator Marc Benioff, set up a representative office in Thailand in 2021 and has increased its staff in the Kingdom fivefold since then. Thailand was the second country in Southeast Asia after Singapore that Salesforce chose to set up shop.

Suxena further said that Salesforce believes its business could grow fast enough in Thailand to achieve revenues of $1.7 billion by 2026 and its products could create over 31,000 jobs, citing a study by IDC, a global market intelligence firm based in Massachusetts.

Thailand’s digital economy is forecast to be worth $57 billion by 2025 and will achieve $79.5 billion in economic value through its digital transformation by 2030, he added.

Digital industries are a priority sector for Thai policymakers’ national strategy to evolve into a more advanced, sustainable and creative economy over the next two decades. Digital transformation is integral to the strategy and many Thai firms have been adopting digital technologies such as blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to become more competitive.

Suxena also said that Salesforce will offer more localized products such as Tableau, its analytic platform that has Thai language support.  In addition, the firm will focus on its next generation of products such as Einstein GPT, which it describes as the world’s first  AI generative customer relationship management technology.

“Salesforce will transform every customer experience with generative AI,” added Suxena.

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