Embassy Adoption Program Partner School, Brightwood Elementary, visits the Thai Embassy

On 8 June 2023, Ambassador Tanee Sangrat, DCM Chuliepote Isarankura na Ayuthaya and the Embassy staff warmly welcomed teachers and students of Brightwood Elementary School for their visit to the Thai Embassy to present their capstone presentation on Thailand. The theme of the fifth-grade class’s presentation was “Journey to Thailand”, which the students researched topics they found interesting about Thailand and demonstrating the knowledge of their study. The class also made a photo book documenting the Embassy’s three classroom visits earlier in the year and a beautiful handmade “krathong” (a floating container fashioned of leaves and flowers used for the Loy Krathong festival).

The Embassy congratulated the class on completing fifth grade and advancing to sixth grade in the subsequent academic year and encouraged students to continue being curious and inquisitive about the language, history, and culture of different countries as they finalized their last activity with the Embassy Adoption Program.