Digital nomads dig Thailand

Thailand is the third most attractive country in the world for digital nomads and the top destination for them in Asia and the Pacific, according to a global online resume service. The service tracked social media posts to arrive at its rankings, which found the U.S. in first place followed by Spain and then Thailand.

In Asia, “Thailand dominated the digital nomad landscape, serving as a favorite docking point,” the company,, wrote on its website. Bangkok was the most popular city in the region and the northern Chiang Mai province took second place, followed by Ubud on the Indonesian island of Bali.

“Bangkok takes the crown as the top destination in Asia and Oceania for digital nomads,” the website pointed out. “As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is no wonder digital nomads set up camp here.

“Another Thai city, Chiang Mai, comes next, deemed a ‘treasure’ for its fast internet and abundance of cafes and coworking spaces,” wrote

Island Ko Phangan in the south and the southern Krabi province also made the top ten in Asia. Krabi is home to some of Thailand’s best beaches, while Ko Phangan “offers both unspoiled natural beauty and numerous working spots for nomads.”

Rochelle Haynes, Head of Research at the Association for Future Work, told the website that the tenuous global economy had done nothing to discourage the trend of working from remote locations.

“We are seeing more people choosing to resign and seek out other opportunities because they are re-thinking their work-life balance and work experience,” said Haynes. “If employees want to work remotely from around the world, they will find the opportunities that allow them to do so.”