Thai expo to showcase bioplastics production

Businesses and scientists are partnering to showcase Thailand’s bioplastics and biomaterials sector for the first time at the national annual manufacturing expo, as the Kingdom charts a course for a greener, more sustainable development.

Developing alternative, environment-friendly materials is crucial for the health of the planet and economic growth that will endure.

The “Sustainovation Showcase,” will be featured at the Manufacturing Expo 2023, the largest and most comprehensive machinery and technology trade exhibition for manufacturing and supporting industries in the Southeast Asia region. The Expo will run from June 21–24 in Bangkok.

“The showcase is a significant highlight of Manufacturing Expo as it presents a comprehensive sustainable plastics production line,” said Sirirat Sungvichai, Exhibition Management Director of RX Tradex, which is organizing the expo.

Thailand’s economic planners are promoting the BCG (bio, circular and green) economy as a new paradigm for the Kingdom’s development. An important component of that is green or biomaterials. Bioplastics are getting the most attention because of increased awareness about the dangers of plastics pollution. And they are increasingly being integrated into other types of manufacturing.

Professor Chedthawut Poompipatpong of  King Mongkut’s University of Technology said that the plastic components manufacturing industry is vital to the country. It plays a crucial role in supporting sectors such as automotive component production, packaging production, medical device components, and various communication equipment components.

Thanks to technology sharing with trading partners, Thai plastics producers are increasingly using a blend of natural materials, known as bioplastics, in order to address waste issues, enhance waste management, and create value from agricultural crops.

Which is why some of the Kingdom’s largest sugar and cassava companies are taking part in the showcase as they are now using both their produce and waste to develop biomaterials.

Sirirat said that the significance of the Sustainovation Showcase is it will demonstrate the entire process of producing bio-based plastics, from feeding bio-based raw materials into the injection moulding machine to obtaining finished products ready for use.

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