Visa procedures for Non-Thai nationals who will be proceeding on an official mission

Procedures for obtaining a Visa

1. If the applicant does not have a valid visa or re-entry permit, the applicant must fill in the information and upload all required documents online at (For instructions, please check )

2. Required documents to upload in the system

2.1 Passport Biodata Page (Must be valid within 6 months from travel date).

2.2 Photograph of the applicant 2″x2″, taken within the past six months.

2.3 An Official Letter issued by the Department of State or International Organization affirming the trip and indicating purpose to Thailand. The letter must indicate full name, Passport number, title, and single or multiple-entry (if applicant have missions to enter Thailand multiple times).

2.4 Visa application form, can be downloaded at

2.5 Proof of flight confirmation/reservation, indicating the trip from U.S. to Thailand.

2.6 Copy of recent bank statement ($700 per person and $1,500 per family).  The name of the applicant must be indicated clearly), In case of submitting a family bank statement, proof of relationship (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate) must be provided.

2.7 Support document from the employer in the U.S. indicating the applicant’s position, purpose of visit, and length of stay in Thailand. (for contracting staff only)