Sweeping Beauty: Thailand’s new TikTok star is a streetsweeper


An eye-catching 27-year-old Bangkok streetsweeper has become Thailand’s newest TikTok star for her entertaining videos giving pointers on how to look your best through make up and other cosmetics as she beautifies the capital’s roads with her dustbin and broom.

Sweeping beauty Pattaramon Thocharoen daily dons her blue and green uniform, grabs her broom and bucket and helps make Bangkok’s streets spic and span through rain or shine. But it’s Pattaramon who shines the brightest in her manicured nails and tastefully applied makeup, despite criticisms from some who think her appearance is inappropriate for a city worker.

“People have criticized me for wearing make-up in my profession, but why can’t I look pretty while doing hard work? It’s for my own satisfaction,” Pattaramon told the Straits Times newspaper.

And for the viewing pleasure of over 300,000 fans who follow her on TikTok as she gives beauty tips on quick breaks from taking up the trash. Her likes and shares have also translated into a small pot of gold as the mother of two earns four times her street-sweeping salary from product sales and brand reviews on the popular platform.

Pattaramon’s mother was also a streetsweeper and her father drove a garbage truck before they retired. She told the Straits Times Newspaper that, “This was the profession that my parents did to raise me, so I’m proud of it.”

While she may be the first Thai TikTok sanitation star, Pattaramon isn’t the first streetsweeper with celebrity status. The parents of Anna Sueangam, Thailand’s contestant in the 2022 Miss Universe pageant, were also a garbage truck driver and streetsweeper.

To show pride in her honest, hard-working parents, Anna wore a dress made of upcycled aluminum can pull tabs that impressed the judges during the competition.

“Despite being branded as a ‘garbage beauty queen,’ it never stopped her from shining bright as a precious gem,” the Miss Universe pageant wrote in its profile of Anna.

Photo courtesy of tiktok@241262bp