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Thailand – United States Relations

Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar 1804 DRAPED BUST SILVER DOLLAR – Class I The “King of Siam” Specimen – PCGS PR – 65 The King of Siam set was minted sometime in late 1834. Edmund Roberts took it with him on a voyage aboard the USS Peacock in 1835 and arrived in Siam in the Spring of 1836. The set was presented to King Phra Nang Klao (King Rama III) on April 6 of that year and remained in the royal family for generations.


treaty amity 6.79x43.48

Treaty of Amity and Commerce – March 20, 1833 Siam and the U.S. sign the Treaty of Amity and Commerce in Bangkok



Sword (Eagle and Elephant) This sword, featuring an eagle and an elephant on a gold handle, was presented to His Majesty King Rama III by American envoy Edmund Roberts in 1833, as a gift from President Andrew Jackson. The sword was kept in the royal treasury for more than one hundred and fifty years.









Siam Stone

Stone “Siam” The memorial Stone inscribing “Siam” located at 190-Foot Level, East Wall, 17th Landing of the Washington Monument. The Stone, prepared at the order of the Somdet Pra Pin Klaw Chau Yu Hua, Second King of Siam on September 28, 1881, was taken from the Royal Quarries in the Korat Hills and shipped from Siam in 1882. [Source: Judith M. Jacob 2005: page 131, 233, National Park Service, U.S. Department of Interior. Available from:]



Bell Sister-city Standing at the entrance of the John Wilson District building (Pennsylvania Avenue & 14th), this bell was presented to the people of Washington by the people of Bangkok, Thailand, in friendly commemoration of their sister-cityhood on 4th July 1963.



Letter King Mongkut to President Franklin King Mongkut’s 10 June 1856 Letter to President Franklin Pierce: Four pages of out 12. Page 1: Salutation from King Mongkut. Page 2: Addressed to President Franklin Pierce. Page 3: Page with annotated correction by King Mongkut Page 4: Signature page.

The Embassy Building


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Residence of Thai Ambassador to the U.S. Washington, D.C.

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The Royal Thai Embassy on Kalorama Street in 1920. By 1921 a new office was built on the said plot which served as the Siamese Legation, later the Royal Thai Embassy. This building served as the chancery from 1921 to 1994 and The Consular office has been reclocated from the premise in Georgetown to the new office in the Kalorama compound since Monday 9 of September 2013.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony for the construction of the Siamese Legation Building, Washington, D.C. 1920. 2300 Kalorama Street, Washington, D.C. in 1920. In the picture are Phraya Prabha Karavongse (Wong Bunnag), Siamese Minister, his son and an American friend. This building served as the chensery from 1921 to 1994 and still belong to the Royal Thai Embassy till today.


The Royal Thai Embassy on Kalorama Street in 1920.




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