His Excellency Virachai Plasai

Mr. Plasai assumed his current position as the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the United States in June 2018.

Prior to his current appointment, Mr. Plasai was the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations since March 2015.  Among a number of notable achievements while serving at the United Nations, Mr. Plasai successfully led the Group of 77, the largest grouping of countries at the United Nations, as Chair of the Group of 77 for the year 2016.

From 2009-2015, Mr. Plasai was Ambassador of Thailand to the Netherlands, after serving his country in a variety of international economic, legal and diplomatic capacities.

Beginning his diplomatic service in 1987 in his country’s Department of Political Affairs, Mr. Plasai progressed through posts in the Department of Treaties and Legal Affairs, eventually becoming Director-General of the Department of International Economic Affairs, in 2006, and of the Department of Treaties and Legal Affairs in 2008.

Among Mr. Plasai’s experiences in international litigation for Thailand, he served as the country’s Agent in the International Court of Justice for the case concerning the Temple of Preah Vihear (Cambodia vs. Thailand, Request for Interpretation of the Judgment of 1962) for which a judgement was rendered in 2013.

He was also a member of his Government’s legal counsel in several disputes heard by the World Trade Organization (WTO), from 1998 to 2003, and served as a panelist and arbitrator for WTO on a range of cases.

Mr. Plasai served on the Board of Directors of the Import-Export Bank of Thailand, from 2006 to 2007, and on the Board of the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Authority for petroleum resources in the overlapping claim area in the Gulf of Thailand, from 2007 to 2009.

The author of a number of works on settlement of trade disputes, Mr. Plasai received his doctorate in law in 1986 from the University of Paris (Pantheon-Sorbonne) in France.

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