Agenda 1: Prepare Thais 4.0 for Thailand becoming a first world nation

The most important element in the development of Thailand 4.0 is Thai people. The model aims to transform Thais into more competent human beings in the 21st century and develop Thais 4.0 as first world citizens through the following measures:

  1. 1. Reform education system to prepare Thais for Thailand becoming a first world nation: by transforming learning ecosystem to purposeful learning, generative learning, mindful learning, and result-based learning. These shifts will lead to changes in goals and administration of the education system, teachers’ skills and teaching paradigm, curriculum and teaching/learning methods.


  1. 2. Setup skills development program: the transformation to industry 4.0 will replace routine jobs with robotics and automation. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new skills that better support Non-Routine/Non-Repetitive/Task specific/Project-based jobs. The government will set up a system to integrate education, training, and occupation development for Thais to adjust to changes and allow them to set their future paths. Measures under this sub-agenda include alternatives for education, training and occupation development, development of educational and training systems, and development of skills to meet the demands of the industrial sector.


  1. 3. Measures to support Refill and Reform strategy to improve the status of Thais 1.0-2.0: Development of Thais 4.0 is based upon unlocking individual limitation. Thais 1.0 and 2.0 are those who caught up in the cycle of poverty and lack opportunities. Thais 3.0 or Thais who earn moderate income but still lack security. Under Thailand 4.0, the government will help to develop Thais 4.0 who have potentials and high-level of preparedness through provision of financial supports, building and promoting social opportunities, and developing area-base mechanism.