Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) / (ASLQ)

List of government-designated Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility for 14-day State Quarantine at the traveler’s own expense. For Thai and Non-Thais nationals

*For Non-Thai nationals who will enter Thailand during a spread of COVID-19 need to be placed under 14-day state quarantine at the traveler’s own expense. Please find the name of the hotels for ASQ as follow.

Process to reserve ASQ/ASLQ

1. Make room reservation directly to the ASQ hotel, when you know the date of entry to Thailand.
2. Hotel will inform related authorities at airport and will pick you up from the airport on arrival date/time.


1) List of Alternative State Quarantine ASQ Hotels




2) List of Alternative Local Quarantine ASLQ Hotels

1. Passengers arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) / Don Mueang International Airport can be quarantined in ASQ and ALQ located in Chonburi.
2. Passengers arrived at Phuket International Airport can be quarantined in ALQ located in Phuket.
ผู้ที่เดินทางเข้าประเทสไทยที่ลงเครื่องที่ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ สามารถจองโรงแรม ASLQ ได้เฉพาะที่จังหวัดชลบุรีเท่านั้น


1. Amari BURIRAM UNITED Hotel จำนวน 30 ห้อง
1. Best Bella Pattaya Hotel 75 ห้อง
2. Avani Pattaya Resort 92 ห้อง
3. Hotel J Residence 75 ห้อง



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