Bringing Medication into Thailand

Guidance for Travellers to Thailand under Treatment Carrying Personal Medications Containing Narcotic Drugs/Psychotropic Substances into/out of Thailand. click

> If the prescription medicine not listed as controlled drugs. The medications are likely be classified as medication preparations according to the Drug Act B.E. 2510. A patient under treatment of medications in that category is allowed to transport for personal use medications in a quantity Not Exceeding 30 Days of prescribed usage. However, such medications fall under the responsibility of the Bureau of Drug Control, Thai FDA. You can consult that office directly by sending an email to the Director of the Bureau of Drug Control:  Please also send a cc copy of that email to

> If the prescription medicine containing Narcotic Drugs/Psychotropic substances into/out of Thailand. [Restriction on Narcotic] [Restriction on Psychotropic] and FAQ for Traveller  >> Check the Drug

Update info: Permit for Travelers Carrying Narcotics into /out of Thailand. Please visit




For more information
Please visit Food and Drug Administration of Thailand’s website at or contact directly to Drug Control Division, Food and Drug Administration e-mail to

Narcotics Control Division, Food and Drug Administration
Ministry of Public Health
Address :
Narcotics Control Division, Food and Drug Administration
Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi 11000, THAILAND
Tel : 66 2590 7346, Fax : 66 2591 8471
Email :


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