Requesting J1 No Objection Statement

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List of agencies in Thailand that are eligible to recruit Thai students to participate in the Work and Travel program in the United States.

A representative company in Thailand must be approved for the implementation of the project from private companies in the United States Which has been certified by the US Department of State as a designated sponsor only, which can check the list of representative companies in Thailand that have been approved to implement the project at the US Embassy website Thailand 

How to submit application

The applicant must complete a legalization form [Download]   along with the phone number and email address, so the embassy will be able to contact the applicant directly  Incidentally, if the applicant resides in Thailand or in a country other than the United States embassy will contact the applicant by e-mail

Required documents

In requesting such statement and attaching supporting documents (in either case) as follows: 

Letter of Intent Form J-1

***In case the applicant is a scholarship recipient to study or visit or do an internship in the United States from any agency or organization in Thailand or abroad, please specify the details when the applicant came to study or did an internship in the United States.

(Note: Please specify the text in the last paragraph of the letter of intent . “I hereby certify that the statements in the letter are true in all respects” and sign the petitioner’s signature.)

3.1 In case of getting a job offer : a letter confirming the employer’s job offer to the applicant (Job Offer letter).

3.2 In case of marriage : a copy of the marriage certificate and a copy of the spouse’s passport and the notary public for signature of the spouse. The copy of such document must be certified by the notary public.

3.3 Fiancée : Letter of Intention from the fiancée, a copy of the fiancée’s passport, and a Notary Public for Signature  . The copy must be certified by the Notary Public.

3.4 In the case of changing to an F1 student visa : acceptance letter from the school or evidence of enrollment 

3.5 Special Skilled Person EB-2 NIW : A copy of the I-140 petition receipt from USCIS  .

***For other cases In addition to the above information please contact the staff To be considered before filing a claim, call 202-640-5671, email ***

Copies of diplomas and transcripts in Thailand and abroad (educational institution and date, month, year of graduation)

Or if you are a civil servant who used to or is in the process of receiving scholarships from the government/Thai government agencies to study, observe activities, do internships abroad. And there is still an obligation to repay the capital or return to work  or having a status as a borrower of the Loan Fund linked to future income (กรอ. ) or being a borrower of the Student Loan Fund (กยศ.), the applicant must provide details.

along with attaching a certificate from the owner of the capital or certificate from the responsible government agency or a student loan provider As the case may be, the applicant is not obligated to return to government service or is obligated to reimburse any agency.

(A first page of passport with applicant photo and passport details), which must be certified by the Notary Public as a certified true copy.

Which must be certified by the Notary Public as a copy taken from the original (certified true copy).

which must be signed by a Notary Public official  [Download]

Which must be certified by a Notary Public officer as a copy taken from the original.

No need to address the envelope to the embassy. It will be sent to the US authorities.

***Document below is only an example, notary public form may differ***

Processing time

  • In addition, where the postal delivery of documents is processed by USPS, the embassy therefore cannot be held responsible for the loss of documents during transmission.
  • There is no fee to request no objection statement
After submitting the J-1 document to the embassy, ​​you can check the status using the Case Number (located on the Third party barcode page).

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