Thai Birth Certificate (English-ไทย)

3 Simple Steps to Apply for a Thai Birth Certificate (ภาษาไทย)

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➡  after completing step 1 and 2, please prepare documents for submitting to the Embassy as follow: 

Thai Birth Certificate
  • A person born to a Thai parent (mother or legal father) acquires Thai Nationality by birth.
  • A parent of Thai nationality may apply for his or her child’s Birth Certificate by mail only to Royal Thai Embassy, Consular Section : Address 2300 Kalorama Rd. NW, Washington, D.C. 20008. It is advised that all relevant documents are sent to in advance for verification.
  • Processing time with complete documents are approximately 10 business days.
Required Documents

1) Original U.S. Birth Certificate, authenticated and sealed by the Department of State (Please see details on Authentication of U.S. Documents), and a copy from Secretary of State and Department of State (Complete Step 1 , 2).

2) Two recent (2 x 2 inches) photographs of the child.

3) In case of the U.S. Birth certificate does not have a hospital name and child’s weight. The applicant needs to get a certified letter from the hospital.

4) A photo copy of  Parent’s U.S. Driver license or State ID.

5) Original or a notarized signature copy of Parent’s Thai National ID Card.

6) Original or notarized signature copy of Parent’s valid passports.

7) Original or notarized signature copy of Parents’ Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

8) List of Applications :
“Application of Birth Certificate Form”

“Application of Legalization Form”

“Testimony of the Mother Form” in case of a non-Thai father

“Testimony of Mother Form” in case that parents have not registered their marriage

9) Legalization Fee-Money order of 15.00 USD made payable to “Royal Thai Embassy”

10) Self-addressed return envelope by ‘USPS (US Postal Service) Priority Mail Express’ with $27.10 postage stamp [Read USPS. Mailing rates 2020]

Advice on first and last names of the child
  • The child’s names in the Thai Birth Certificate must be the same (i.e. written in Thai as it is pronounced in English) as in the U.S. Birth Certificate
  • The child’s last name must be that of his legal father or mother. The spellings of such last name must follow the parent’s Thai document.
*All required forms and other information can be found at

Area of Services 

The Royal Thai Embassy , Washington D.C.  will issue Thai birth certificates only to Thai children whose parents are Thai nationals. It provides services for those born in 14 states in the territory including : District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Atlanta, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina (including Puerto Rico).